The permission for the use of the works contained in the Manga109 dataset (hereby referred to as “the dataset”), including modifications of parts of the images, is granted from the authors of each of the works, under the following conditions. The dataset can be used solely for academic purposes. Specifically, the dataset can be used for the following purposes:
  1. To perform experiments using the dataset.
  2. To print the works contained in the dataset as a part of an academic paper.
  3. Recording an academic paper that contains the work of the dataset, to a digital library, such as a digital library for academic conferences.
  4. Use within digital media, such as demo videos created for the purpose of presenting academic results.
Redistribution of any part of the dataset to third parties is forbidden. When using parts of the dataset within academic papers or videos, please note the author’s usage permission notice as “courtesy of [Author’s Name]” and note that the work was cited from the Manga109 dataset. In addition, for use in academic papers, please cite the related papers shown below as well. In no event shall the distributors of the Manga109 dataset, and the authors of the manga works contained in the Manga109 dataset, be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, for the use of the Manga109 dataset.

User Instructions for Manga109

Please contact us with an outline of the intended use of the data set. We can then send you the download page address and a password.

Proper use of Manga109

Users are requested to strictly observe the following rules when using Manga109:

Other points

When including manga extracts in an academic paper or video, users are requested to acknowledge the author’s copyright to the material by including the author's usage permission notice as “courtesy of [Author’s Name]”, and to acknowledge their use of Manga109. In addition, when quoting Manga109 material in an academic paper, users are requested to cite the related papers.
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Manga109 contains comics which are approximately 40 years old and may contain images that are considered inappropriate based on modern day global ethics. Please be careful upon its use.


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