Manga109 Annotations

All works in Manga109 are annotated. If you wish those annotations, please contact us from download page.


Each volume of manga corresponds to single xml file. The xml files are UTF-8 encoded, structured in following style.

character gives the correspondence between each character’s name and its ID.

page gives overview (page number, size of the image) and objects’ information in the page. There are four types of objects. For each object, object ID, its rectangular area (xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax), and additional information specific to the object type are given. All IDs are 8-digit number in hexadecimal, unique throughout this dataset.

For detailed criteria of the annotation, please see Annotation Criteria.


version #volume #images #annotated images #face #body #text #frame
v2023.12.07 (latest) 109 10,602 10,130 118,593 157,234 147,887 103,850
v2021.12.30 109 10,602 10,130 118,593 157,234 147,887 103,850
v2020.12.18 109 10,619 10,130 118,593 157,234 147,887 103,850
v2018.05.31 109 10,619 10,130 118,715 157,152 147,918 103,900


Example of a xml file is shown below.

              <book title="YamatoNoHane">
        <character id="0007a833" name="鳥羽大和"/>
        <character id="0007a840" name="鳥羽撫子"/>
        <character id="0007a877" name="沢本翔"/>
        <character id="0007aac7" name="_Other"/>
        <character id="0007aafe" name="大和の母"/>
        <character id="0007ad16" name="サッカー部顧問"/>
        <character id="0007ad56" name="早坂"/>
        <character id="0007ad91" name="バドミントン部顧問"/>
        <character id="0007adc7" name="大和の父"/>
        <character id="0007b24c" name="高津仁"/>
        <character id="0007b278" name="小野"/>
        <character id="0007b451" name="小泉正平"/>


        <page index="6" width="1654" height="1170">
            <text id="0007a8bc" xmin="677" ymin="817" xmax="755" ymax="928">なかなか奥まで飛ばないし</text>
            <body id="0007a8bd" xmin="907" ymin="222" xmax="1060" ymax="500" character="0007a840"/>
            <body id="0007a8be" xmin="332" ymin="458" xmax="744" ymax="792" character="0007a833"/>
            <text id="0007a8bf" xmin="58" ymin="181" xmax="134" ymax="407">オレは運動神経いいからそんなのカンタン</text>
            <body id="0007a8c0" xmin="1223" ymin="55" xmax="1567" ymax="500" character="0007a840"/>
            <text id="0007a8c1" xmin="681" ymin="472" xmax="768" ymax="747">第一バドミントンなんて女子のやるスポーツだろー?</text>
            <text id="0007a8c2" xmin="999" ymin="96" xmax="1040" ymax="152">肘から前へ</text>
            <frame id="0007a8c3" xmin="88" ymin="67" xmax="422" ymax="445"/>
            <text id="0007a8c4" xmin="432" ymin="278" xmax="507" ymax="438">タイミングがむずかしーんだよ</text>
            <frame id="0007a8c5" xmin="1068" ymin="79" xmax="1215" ymax="500"/>
            <text id="0007a8c6" xmin="674" ymin="84" xmax="750" ymax="173">すぶりはカンペキだな</text>
            <face id="0007a8c7" xmin="393" ymin="944" xmax="423" ymax="979" character="0007a840"/>
            <frame id="0007a8c8" xmin="1309" ymin="512" xmax="1573" ymax="1169"/>
            <body id="0007a8c9" xmin="2" ymin="866" xmax="237" ymax="1169" character="0007a840"/>
            <face id="0007a8ca" xmin="489" ymin="103" xmax="638" ymax="249" character="0007a833"/>
            <frame id="0007a8cb" xmin="1218" ymin="0" xmax="1650" ymax="505"/>
            <frame id="0007a8cc" xmin="336" ymin="459" xmax="762" ymax="798"/>
            <frame id="0007a8cd" xmin="0" ymin="802" xmax="233" ymax="1169"/>
            <body id="0007a8ce" xmin="137" ymin="564" xmax="324" ymax="791" character="0007a877"/>
            <text id="0007a8cf" xmin="1248" ymin="86" xmax="1288" ymax="160">体をひねって</text>
            <body id="0007a8d0" xmin="162" ymin="101" xmax="291" ymax="442" character="0007a877"/>
            <body id="0007a8d1" xmin="545" ymin="270" xmax="724" ymax="444" character="0007a840"/>
            <text id="0007a8d2" xmin="1562" ymin="237" xmax="1580" ymax="329">肘を開いて</text>
            <text id="0007a8d3" xmin="188" ymin="819" xmax="210" ymax="864">あっ</text>
            <face id="0007a8d4" xmin="559" ymin="867" xmax="643" ymax="954" character="0007a840"/>
            <body id="0007a8d5" xmin="458" ymin="71" xmax="658" ymax="254" character="0007a833"/>
            <face id="0007a8d6" xmin="1099" ymin="552" xmax="1134" ymax="605" character="0007a840"/>
            <face id="0007a8d7" xmin="1461" ymin="940" xmax="1525" ymax="1006" character="0007a840"/>
            <text id="0007a8d8" xmin="321" ymin="61" xmax="396" ymax="195">大和もやってみればいいじゃん</text>
            <frame id="0007a8d9" xmin="495" ymin="807" xmax="759" ymax="1094"/>
            <frame id="0007a8da" xmin="897" ymin="517" xmax="1301" ymax="1165"/>
            <frame id="0007a8db" xmin="427" ymin="70" xmax="761" ymax="259"/>
            <text id="0007a8dc" xmin="968" ymin="579" xmax="1034" ymax="672">打つたらその勢いで一歩前へ</text>
            <frame id="0007a8dd" xmin="81" ymin="457" xmax="324" ymax="796"/>
            <body id="0007a8de" xmin="291" ymin="914" xmax="445" ymax="1091" character="0007a840"/>
            <face id="0007a8df" xmin="577" ymin="308" xmax="663" ymax="399" character="0007a840"/>
            <text id="0007a8e0" xmin="1567" ymin="70" xmax="1590" ymax="116">こう</text>
            <frame id="0007a8e1" xmin="900" ymin="79" xmax="1059" ymax="504"/>
            <face id="0007a8e2" xmin="99" ymin="924" xmax="177" ymax="997" character="0007a840"/>
            <text id="0007a8e3" xmin="1487" ymin="536" xmax="1507" ymax="647">インパクト</text>
            <text id="0007a8e4" xmin="1089" ymin="107" xmax="1130" ymax="236">体重を後ろ足にかけて</text>
            <face id="0007a8e5" xmin="357" ymin="493" xmax="660" ymax="786" character="0007a833"/>
            <face id="0007a8e6" xmin="1412" ymin="185" xmax="1455" ymax="269" character="0007a840"/>
            <face id="0007a8e7" xmin="1018" ymin="363" xmax="1061" ymax="447" character="0007a840"/>
            <text id="0007a8e8" xmin="406" ymin="814" xmax="485" ymax="906">打つのが遅いのかな</text>
            <body id="0007a8e9" xmin="1003" ymin="519" xmax="1324" ymax="1116" character="0007a840"/>
            <frame id="0007a8ea" xmin="425" ymin="271" xmax="759" ymax="446"/>
            <body id="0007a8eb" xmin="496" ymin="807" xmax="713" ymax="1090" character="0007a840"/>
            <body id="0007a8ec" xmin="1383" ymin="752" xmax="1562" ymax="1164" character="0007a840"/>
            <frame id="0007a8ed" xmin="228" ymin="809" xmax="490" ymax="1096"/>