Manga Authoring Tool

We have developed an authoring tool for creating annotation data for special areas of manga images such as speech balloons and text. This tool can be downloaded from the link below.

How to Use

Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x64) is required to execute this program.
Click on "File -> load" menu, and choose the directory of the manga you wish to work on. The file path should only include alphanumeric characters.

You can move between pages either by pressing right / left arrow keys or by clicking on a page in the page list in the upper right corner.
You can change selection mode between rectangular and polygonal by clicking "Mode" menu. You can select multiple areas and erase one of them by right click.

Press S key to save the selected region. Press D key to change the data type (only the data type of the last selected region changes).

You can edit and delete regions by right-clicking on the list in the lower right corner. You can also delete them by highlighting data on the list and then pressing delete key or backspace key.

You can edit data type from "Setting -> Edit current setting" menu. Also, you can save them as a setting file. Data type information can be shared by loading the setting files you saved.

This program can export the database in xlm format from "File -> output" menu. You can share them by clicking on "File -> input."