Manga Text Data

The written text of each page of the four manga below that is included in Manga109 has been processed in a separate text format. If you wish to use this text data, please contact Manga109 through the download page in the same process as given above. This text data has been compiled from user inputs in Manga Library Z, and is not adequately structured. Please also be aware that the available text may not match the original manga text in all cases. Structured data will be continually made available to the public. The data is written in UTF-8 CSV format. Each file corresponds to an individual title, and each line in a file corresponds to a page. A line consists of the page number in the first column and the text enclosed by double quotation marks in the second column. Those texts are basically separated into coherent phrases with line breaks, but some of them contain line breaks and lines without text which are originated from the original manga image. Thus the data is not always coherent. Also, the data doesn't necessarily contain all the characters written in the original image.